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When you feel like having a massage  but it is difficult to leave home,

We will bring you a lovely relaxing time to you.


When you feel happy and comfortable, your family will be happy ,too. 

So your well-being is really important.

We are holistic doulas providing emotional and physical support for mums and families during their pregnant, birth and post-partum periods.

◆What is a holistic doula?

A  specialist who supports women’s body, mind and spirit with natural remedies.

You will always be helped by an experienced therapist.

◆The areas we can come to are・・・・・

Tokorozawa  / Iruma /Kiyose /kawagoe/Sakado /23 wards of Tokyo .

Please contact us for more information.


 ●Aromatherapy Massage ( with herbal tea) We use only finest organic oils.

・Partial Aromatherapy massage    40min  ¥5000

 (please choose a certain part -for example, back, legs, face etc..)

・Full body Aromatherapy massage   60min  ¥7000


※Extension fee ¥1000/10min Home visit fee ¥1000  Travel cost( actual cost)

※Cancellation Fee  One day before50%  On the day 100%


Please prepare - mattress - some cushions if you are pregnant (to support your back)

Any type of room is fine.

※When you are in pregnancy・・・・・

you can have a massage from your second trimester. Please consult with your doctor if there is any concern.

Gift Vouchers

please gift our massage tickets to your loved ones.

At-home learning~

Baby massage       60min  ¥4000  (with oils&herbal tea) ※Online  is available


・Seasonal aromatherapy   60min   ¥4000〜 (with herbal tea /material cost included)

※Home visit fee ¥1000  Travel cost( actual cost)

Homeopathic consultation

 Homeopathy is a natural remedy which gently helps the body and mind, and safe for pregnant ladies or  babies. If you or your family have any troubles, please feel free to talk to us.

 Grownups  70min.  ¥10000   for second or later  50min.  ¥9000

 Children  70min.   ¥8000    for second or later 50min. ¥6500

※ There will be an additional charge for your remedy. ※ Online counseling is available

~Holistic doula profile~

●Megumi Otawar

After working as an Aromatherapist in a reflexology salon, a sports gym and a clinic for ladies,in 2002 started to do aromatherapy massage on postpartum ,pregnant ladies and babies at the obstetrics and gynecology in Tokorozawa city ( Saitama). I do massage on more than 700 ladies per year. I also have run “soleil” which aims for the care of body and mind ( in Tokorozawa city) ・2009,  I started to work as a homeopath. I hold self-care courses and health counseling sessions with natural remedies from the holistic point of you. Through those , I am always impressed how wonderful self-healing power is. When you feel peaceful in both your body and mind or in your relationships with people, you will feel same for childcare. Then you will live your confortable life.

AEAJ Aromatherapist & Reflexologist /JPHMA Homeopath /Baby massage instructor


●Yuka Shimada

2001 started to work as an Aromatherapist in a sports gym, obstetrics gynecology and manipulative treatment salon . now  I run “S&SAromatherapy room “ in Sinjuku ( Tokyo)

I learned Aromatherapy ,osteopathy, rolfing and craniosacral biodynamics ,and  found these have a good synergy . I do massage not only for improving  disorders, but also try to listen to the messages come from your body and to help you to regain your original physical sensation .

Let’s keep your body and mind healthy.


AEAJ Aromatherapist&Instructor /Stonetherapist

●Ikue Momiyama

 After learning aromatherapy in England, from 2000 I have worked as an aromatherapist  in obstetrics and gynecology, and in a clinic for ladies ,and sports gym. I love the changing seasons. And I love to find the right phytotherapy or food to suit your needs. When I give you massage, I always try to make you feel relaxed and refreshed.


RQA Aromatherapist /Bach Flower Essence Therapist /Phyto Life Coordinator

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